South Covington Community Action Association

SCCAA July 2007 Meeting Minutes

July 2007 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:00 and introductions were made.

In attendance were:
Nancy Ray – Co Chair Andrea Holland – Co-Chair Paul Hensley
Lori Kuntz Hugh McQueary Octavia McQueary
Jonna Parsons Bill Wells Larry Tichenor
Charleen Steinborn Shiela Hess Denny Madden
Belinda Bacovcin Lil Eversole Rick Crowder
Dan Kauffung Vanessa Ovart Tom Withorn
Linda Withorn Commissioner Stricker Commissioner Megerle
Chief Lee Russo Keith Bales, Code Enf. Director Suzann Gettys – Ombudsman
Lt. Col. Spike Jones Sgt. Kevin Sumner Ofcr. Nick Klaiss
Ofcr. Gangwish Ofcr.? (another police ofcr – didn’t get name)

Secretary’s Report – Nancy Ray
Minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurers Report – Nancy Ray for Ken Ray
Report accepted as read.

Resignation of Karen Tichenor as Secretary for SCCAA. No one volunteered to assume this role at this time.

Code Enforcement Director – Keith Bales
Various specific concerns were raised and addressed. Some points that Mr. Bales made were:
-they are complaint generated action
-they have 6 inspectors for the entire city
-upon complaint they “look” first to ensure it is a violation
-if a violation is present then they will send out a letter
-they can have anywhere from 5 to 30+ days to correct the violation depending on the nature of the violation
-not corrected they will be issued a citation
-if still no action they will be fined at $100. a day up to $10K.
-they can issue a “nuisance lien” against the property
-there is a code enforcement board in place when the owner ignores the citation. The owner can
request a ‘hearing’, which then can have a lien placed and the city proceed with foreclosure.
-code enforcement does deal with tree issues
-when they have issues within certain areas heavily they do a “systematic blitz” where everything on
the street is checked out for violations
-they may invite public input about private parking
-you can not park on lawns
-there is a limit of 6K lb allowed in a vehicle and semi’s are allowed to park for only 1 hour in a
residential area.
-their number is (859) 292-2323
-the complaints go into a “tickler” and it is checked every a.m. at their meeting for importance in
-residents can call in and go straight to code enforcement.
-yard sale permits are $10. and Rob does have them in his vehicle
-there will be a carbon monoxide unit required per rental unit

City Commissioner Jerry Stricker
There will be a Public Hearing next Tuesday (July 17th)at 5:30 pm (before the City Commission meeting) for public input on the renaming of 12th Street.

City Commissioner Steve Megerle
 They are trying to fill police positions with the voids that they have in manpower.
 We have 0 homicides in Covington thus far this year.
 He is happy to have a hold on taxes.
 He is a partner with Senator Thayer for South Covington regarding issues.
 He is having city money to finance speed “humps” in neighborhoods where there is
excessive speeding occurring.

Police Chief – Col. Lee Russo
 They have had ½ dozen parents held responsible for curfew violations on their kids.
 At Hands & Tamarack there was a drive by shooting this week. Two were arrested shortly thereafter for this incident.
 He is in favor of Citizen on Patrol in neighborhoods; it does work and those residents would call in suspicious and alarming sightings. The more active in “COP” the less there will be happening in neighborhoods.
 The next community police meeting is July 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the Police Station.
 Police have been very active in this subdivision (Lakewood Hills) this past month.

Police Community Council Meeting – Nancy Ray

Nancy and Sheila attended on 6-20-07. As noted above, next mtg is July 18th at 7:00 p.m.

Executive Committee Elections
There was confusion as to the lack of an actual election after the last meeting, and a motion was made (and passed) that the existing officers remain in these leadership positions for this year. The Executive Committee is as follows:

Nancy Ray – Co Chair Andrea Holland – Co Chair
Ken Ray – Treasurer Secretary – VOLUNTEER NEEDED
Alternate/Back-up Secretary – VOLUNTEER NEEDED

SCCAA Community Yard Sale – Andrea Holland

Andrea talked about the neighborhood “yard sale” for Aug 18th from 9-3. $7.00 permit fee includes advertising and permit fee. She has forms and information; contact Andrea at 859-363-1213. Parks and Recreation will be contacted about mowing park area. Set- up will be 2 hrs before event. Clean up to be completed within 2 hrs after the event closes. Load/unload in gravel lot near the Tripoli end of the park. Jonna Parsons volunteered neighbors on her street to provide baked items for the bake sale, which will be a fundraiser for the SCCAA. Lil Eversole will be in charge of the bake sale and refreshment-related fundraising, acquiring donations, etc.

Mission Statement
This issue has been tabled until the next meeting.

Comments from the Chair – Nancy Ray

The Door Store delivery folks have been failing to deliver their circulars in compliance with City Ordinance. Dan Kauffung assured the group that they have taken steps to correct this, which include firing some delivery people. If there are delivery problems, or you see Door Stores all over the place, in street or on sidewalks, storm drains, etc., please call and report to Suzann Gettys, Ombudsman/Neighborhood Services Coordinator for the City at 859-292-2141.

The City came and trimmed back the bushes which were overgrown on the corner of Hands Pike and Crystal Lake obstructing view and making that intersection a traffic hazard.

Public Works took care of immediately replacing and repairing all the street signs that were graffiti targets this month.

Next SCCAA Meeting:
August 9, 2007 - 6:30 pm Social ½ hour – Meeting at 7:00 pm at the Hands Pike Firehouse.

Don’t forget to check out the
SCCAA Website

Posted by suzanngettys on 08/29/2007
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