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Parking (new thread)

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There was a parking permit discussion started several years ago that I would like to bring back. I am noticing people parking in the neighborhood and taking Uber, taxis, and Lyft to the airport and leaving their vehicles over long weekends. I have seen cars park, take out their luggage and then wait for a pick up service to arrive and take them wherever and then get picked up as well. 


A firend lives in Pasadena where they are required to purchase a parking permit if the car will be parked between 2 am through 6 am. This allows residents to have guests most of the day. The permit is purchased at a fire station or can be purchased online and the permit printed from home and placed on the dashboard. 


Just a thought...

Why is there no parking enforcement in the Sandpointe homes. There are more and more vehicles from Bradford Townhomes parking in front of our homes with no parking enforcement. I pay for a permit and can't park in front of my house because of the non permitted vehicles park in front of my house. Can we get parking enforcement back. Please.

Part of the Sandpointe neighborhood does have a speedy enforcement agency that focuses on areas where permits are required or if you happen to park partially in your driveway and block the sidewalk. I am guessing the company that enforces is no longer as vigilant as before. 


I still think a permit-only regulation between 2 am and 6 am would be good. Once can pay for a daily pass if there is a need to park on the street. 

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