Barking dogs

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Neighbors by us have two dogs that are left outside the majority of the time and they bark everytime we are outside. When we are inside we can hear them as well. Who knows what they are barking at?

Is there anything that we can do? We can't even enjoy being in our own yard now.

Please don't ask us to try to talk to them because they are unfriendly.
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Barking Dogs

Send me an email at Include your name, address, and phone so I can contact you directly. Also include the address of the barking dogs. You have the right to contact the police, as continual barking from dogs is a violation of the noise ordance, but maybe we can resolve this without involving the police.
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First, make sure it is there dogs barking.  We had someone put a post it note on our car window asking to keep our dog quiet.  Our dogs are inside dogs and not outside barking.  Our neighbor though has a dog, that is outside all day while they work and barks at everything. If they had come to us directly, we could've let them know they were at the wrong house.

Was your issue with the barking dogs ever resolved?  We have neighbors next door that have a dog that barks whenever it's out - which is most of the time.  They would not appreciate us telling them to keep their dog quiet so I was wondering how to go about it?

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