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Black community get blind-sided with the violence headlines,

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wealth n power

C. Dwayne West / MG Media


C.A.S.H. Rules Everything....

I will say this now, as I've expressed in the past: I will not, under my media watch, let my community get blind-sided with the violence headlines, only!

Let me be clear.... it saddens me to see violence highlighted in the black community from mainstream media, more often as I see progressive black men and women who are rising up from concrete jungles to become..... They act as though we have no other narrative to our existence. They make me think that they only wanna see black face on TV either as a crying parent, a motionless corps on the blooded sidewalks or a raggedy looking suspect being taken away in hand cuffs.

They seem to only wanna show that image to the world. It's not fair and I'll not allow them to destroy the mental capacity and or kill the spirit and will of my people to win. Because we must always think, first and foremost about winning. People, we're not losing the war to violence. Here is how I know. This weekend while the media profiled the 50 shootings and 12 killings in Chicago, there were graduations happening in universities and colleges all across this country.  Those thousands of young black men and women walking elevated stages far exceed the killing of 12. And when you fail to acknowledge their accomplishments, you fail them.

Yes, any killings hurt and are painful to families, their friends and loved ones. But they DO NOT overshadow the fact that thousands of aspiring young minds are starting life as productive members of society. And what those young people need are for their communities, families and friends to assist them at succeeding. How can we do that? C.A.S.H. rules everything around. We as a community need to figure out how to participate in the wealth building process. This is how the village will provide for our youth. Give them business start-up money. Pay for higher education through scholarships that are established by financially wealthy and stable black communities.

It seems that every non-black community is building wealth while we're crying on television about murders. I don't wanna seem insensitive, but that's not who we are! First, no one is immune from tragedy. We all have felt it one way or another. But after you experienced any kind of set-back or unfortunate loss of life or limbs, you have to immediately, or as soon as possible, get your eyes back on the prize because life doesn't STOP!

An example of that is downtown Chicago. Regardless of how much so-called crime is happening in the Windy City, tourists are visiting and shopping the loop at record numbers and companies are continuing to build. Apple has just expanded its brand by placing a product sales store literally on the lake underneath the bridge near Michigan Ave. Crime is not stopping them for cashing in! So why should black folks on the South and West sides get sidetracked by the stigma of violence?

I talked about attending the Chicago Venture Summit where the people in these rooms never discussed violence and or crime. And I'm sure some of them have been effected by loss and pain of life's unwanted interruptions. Their only discussion during the all day gathering was about investing and making money. Lots of loot was being passed around. They understand clearly, C.A.S.H. rules everything around. That's why they got so much of it. And in the minds of practical thinking people, they can never have enough dough!

It's not like any person in that crowded room at the Venture Summit are any smarter than anyone in my hood. But what they are is intentional and serious about making paper. They know that loot solves nearly all the ills of the world. And for anyone who says that money doesn't make you happy, they probably have never had any real chedda.

People, we must start thinking money and how to generate it through an educational and professional setting or through entrepreneurship. One way or another, we need to start thinking and believing that C.A.S.H rules everything around US! Until the next edition..... Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ.....

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