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Roseland Heights is on Chicago's South Side. Bordered on the south by 99th Place, and to the north 95th Street. State Street/Abbott Park borders it on the west and Cottage Grove/ Chicago State University campus to the east.
This is a treasured established neighborhood, nestled between The Chicago State University Campus to the east and Abbott Park to the west. The Heights features a wide array of home styles and small town charm. It features a picturesque setting of homes, the New CSU Academic Library, Harlan Community Academy H.S. and a verity of businesses. This community has an admirable quality of life, family values, and beauty that is revealed down every street and sidewalk. Roseland Heights is one of the premier residential developments on the South Side! A unique place that many are proud to call home.


Roseland Heights (known to many as "The Heights")is a premier destination if you're a home buyer. Real estate experts know the Heights with it's small town amenities (never succumbing to urban decline)and quit streets certainly gives buyers significantly more for their money than other areas of the city. Typical of what you will find are mid-century single family homes. There are no historic landmarks but the neighborhood has Chicago bungalows and some vintage houses with great architectural details. There are an array of styles, modern bungalows, apartment court buildings, two flats, a few Arts & Crafts houses,and Georgians with attractive facades and well-kept lawns. "The Heights" with its "suburb-in-the-city atmosphere, is a vibrant community with it's own elementary school, academy, college, a lush park with pool and walking trails. It is a master-planned community that creates a beautiful setting for a wonderful lifestyle. Just a short 20 minuet ride from the"Loop"you will find a neighborhood of distinct homes and apartments. Just an half hour from Midway Airport it's like the best of suburb and city.Roseland Heights has a community association protecting it's property values and enriching the neighborhood. The Roseland Heights Community Association (RHCA) sets restrictions and architectural standards high to protect these values and ensure the beauty, integrity, and small town charm of this model community. All these makes this city enclave the best place to live on the South Side of Chicago.

The Heights History

Back in the 1950's Black people worked hard to build and buy homes in what was then outlying communities of Chicago. One such community where Dutch influence had created a south suburb was called Roseland. Just north of it was a distinctive, charming suburban area populated with prairies,wildflowers, pheasants, hollyhocks, phlox flowers and a scattering of nice older homes spaced between empty lots.This setting gave Black people the opportunity to create a community filled with an atmosphere of hope, reflecting small town values and traditions. And so Roseland Heights was born. In this atmosphere of hope many notable Blacks like the CEO of Parker House Sausage, members of the Baldwin (ice cream) and Luster family and Rev. Clay Evens selected to live. They lived here along with other Blacks from janitorial workers to city & government employees. They came together, grew and influenced this community's path. Roseland Heights was an oasis on the south side, yet it was still urban. The community celebrated children, family, and high residential standards. These standards modeled this community as well as those on it's boundaries like Chatham, Roseland, Beverly and Pullman. Today The Heights is still an area of well-kept homes and lawns. People living here all are committed to this "Urban Oasis" many blocks of well defined neighbors, willing and caring people, who are proud homeowners. They show pride in their homes and see the possibilities of hope for their future.

About our association

RHCA Who are we?

We are an African American community which is intent on leaving a legacy for generations to come. We are, The Roseland Heights Community Association (RHCA).We have monthly meetings Jan. thur June, and Sept. thur Nov. We meet every 4th Tuesday (6:00pm) at:
Temple of Glory International
311 E. 95th Street Chicago, IL 60619
(July/Aug. summer break-Dec./Jan. winter break. Officers are active all year. Dues are $20.00 a year per household.

To contact RHCA write to:

Roseland Heights Community Association
Post Office Box 436889
Chicago, IL 60643-1301

RHCA Affirmation:
We are cooperatively one Youth, Adults, Seniors. We endeavor to live in safety, with traditional values, and dreams of a better future. In demonstrate of this purpose, we work, with pride, spirit, and faith. In fulfillment of our legacy, we are forever one.

RHCA Official Slogan;
We are one (youth, adults, seniors)

Clevan Tucker Jr., President
Mary Polk, Vice President

Jerri Hiller, Treasurer
Mary Porter Financial Secretary

Vickie Johnson, Recording Secretary

Yvonda Knight, Assistant Recording Secretary

Board of Directors:
Mary Porter
Cynthia Powell
Thomas Wheeler
Adele Little

What are our Initiatives?

*To educate and inform the members about what is happening in the community.
*To encourage members to become involved with community activities.
*To protect neighborhood property values and the quality of life in the community.
*To support members in their determination to maintain this community as a place where we can live in safety, with nice homes, good schools, and appropriate diverse businesses.
*To work closely with the police to preserve the neighborhood we live in and protect the homes we have worked for, paid for, and earned.
RHCA tends to the needs of our community, covering all aspects of neighborhood living, socially, culturally, and economically.More than two decades ago we began an effort to enhance and improve the life quality in this community. We began an effort to make our neighborhood, it's schools, and it's businesses more vital and stronger. As a result we are proud that today, because of the residents effort, support, and community spirit we have preserved this great neighborhood!

Our History and Goal.

The Roseland Heights Community Association (RHCA) was created in 1956. It contributed greatly to the raising of the community's children, spiritually, socially and educationally. Now our population is primarily senior citizens who are interested in the preservation of the quality of a changing neighborhood, with the purpose to pass a legacy on to the next generation. Our goal is to work for the common good of all. It is our intent to quid the youth so that they become productive leaders in Chicago and the world. With this in mind RHCA awards academic scholarships yearly. We have six committees one of which is Education.This committee along with Parks & Recreation are working hard on youth programs to ensure our children's future. The association's seal also embraces the youth of the community. The RHCA seal illustrates the joining of hands, senior and youth, held together by the slogan "We are one". As one we are affirmed and committed in our goal. With trust we continue to work to create a viable path for the next generation. We have a simple but most challenging goal, requiring a great deal of work. We realize with faith we must prevail, for the cost of failure is too high. Our history has been remarkable; it has shown us that we can change the inevitable. Our history, our attitude, and our skills all say, "Yes we can!"

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