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Chicago Needs Oversight-An Elected Board

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We Need An Elected Board. . .


Triple B

After this disaster, I am of the opinion that the Board of Education needs to be elected instead of appointed, to help provide fiscal oversight as well as to independently vet the process to select school superintendents.

As the City Council votes on raising our taxes and even including special taxes for the construction of new schools, I hope the issue of an elected school board comes forth. Mostly, CPS needs to be returned to educators, real ones, and taken out of the hands of politicians and “corporate educational consultants.” Let’s take that process out of the mayor’s hands and his appointed school board’s hands and put it into the people’s hands, so there’s more oversight, more unbiased scrutiny, more eyes on the prize. Because right now there is a lot wrong with the current picture. A rat got in the room.


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