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People, Places or Things

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People, Places or Things

People: All the discussion on gun violence, who should be punished and the overblown gun law debate is valid. But other things shouldn't be missed during these debates that are just as important - and have cost consumers millions.

What is appalling to me and should be to anyone who shops at Whole Foods, is the recent report that the partners used unfair practices to upend added cash from shoppers wallets. The two 'people' who own the overpriced so-called organic fresh food movement, have recently been blasted for double-dipping. Almost all the mainstream media outlets have highlighted how the grocery giant overpriced on everything from fruits and vegetables to other perishable items lined on their shelves.

The only thing that has occurred thus far to its owners was that they released statements apologizing to its customers and promising to fix the problem. Really? We punish young shooters who cause loss of life, but these two have been accused with allegedly stealing tens of millions of dollars - and their only reprimand is to admit guilt and say they're sorry. To make things worse, they just announced last week that they were laying off over 400 workers. Go figure!

Places: Most corporations are very protective of their brand. They scan every aspect of potential partners before they attach their image to anyone or any 'place.' I've spoken with dozens of companies over my near twenty years dealing with sponsorship for my events or their refusal to partner with me. Regardless of what position they take, it's all good. This is the season to present your desire to team with corporations as they prepare their budgets for 2016. I'm pitching companies now.

Case in point to why these Works of Words are relevant. I was driving with my daughter last Wednesday taking her to dinner for her birthday. She did what she always does once she enters 'our' car; she switched off my CD and turned to one of her two favorite radio stations. The very first hypnotic groove was a song talking about sex. The next song, drugs. The next tune - guns, sex and drugs. She turned from that station to the next and the format of hits repeated from the previous station. Some songs even used what's labeled today as profanity.

What started my brain to thinking? I realized that these popular radio stations are flooding teen listeners with adult life issues for them to absorb. I also noticed the commercials between the songs in mention. These are brands that promised to be family friendly. The brands in questions are entities that have given the general public the ideal that they didn't tolerate unlawful use of inappropriate words or actions by their sponsored partners. Well, having your commercials playing before or after some of the derogatory songs booming on radio stations is contrary to what the brand executives or managers have stated was tolerable to me.

Things: There's been a concerted effort to eliminate black male educators from the Chicago Public School system! What else can be debated about the fact that if you visit CPS grade and or high schools, in 90% of the buildings, you'll see less than 1% of black men teaching in classes?

This 'thing' is alarming. The community should be outraged and protesting the schools in which they send their children, especially the male students. How can you expect little black boys to become strong and progressive young men without seeing what strong black leaders looks like. It's especially disturbing when there are so many single mothers who are missing positive men roles models in their little boys lives each day.

The parents and guardians of black children should be questioning the very schools that they send their children to - as to why is there a lack of black men in CPS? I asked this very question the first day my daughter started school this year. I actually followed up on the question from last year.

I approached the principal as she concluded greeting kids and parents, and she immediately welcomed me and pointed to two new black males also greeting returning families. Ironically, I discovered that one is my daughter's instructor. This is a first! The power of concerned individuals when you care about People, Places or Things! Peace and One Love.

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