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Black Mentors Needed

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C. Dwayne West, CEO MG Media


What Moves Me....

There are four very important social issues that I've assigned myself to address to try and find resolve. These are dilemmas that have caused dramatic ill-effects on the black community and its ability to progress.

I have a deep desire to see my generation become willing 'mentors' and use their time wisely by volunteering with social service agencies and programs to help transform the lives of young people. I also push the joy of 'fatherhood'. There is nothing like it. I want men to accept the responsibility to be actively engaged in their child's life. The third thing I've advocated for is having more 'black men' in CPS as 'educators'. And finally, I'm screaming loudly about the need for the black community to build real wealth. These are the things that move me!

I visited Perspective Charter School a few days ago to get involved in a mentor program. The one thing I noticed during my tour amongst these dedicated teachers and administrators who welcomed all the mentors as we met our mentees for a five week initiative - was that I saw only one black male teacher. That disturbed me, greatly! So I asked several of the male students how many black male teachers were there, and they gave me the number, being one. I asked them do they miss not having a black male figure, and each of the three boys said yes! There was one girl who also expressed that she wants to see black male teachers in the school as well. They highlighted that the only black men in abundance where in the disciplinary office or security.

Go figure! Black men to control the black students, but none to actually educate them! This is a huge problem in Chicago's educational system. The lack of black male teachers. How can school administrators or the mayor of Chicago come on TV and denounce violence in the black community by teen black boys when they've strategically eliminated black men from the class rooms? These are men who not only educate black boys but also act as mentors and father figures.

I spent a hour in Perspective and the two young boys that I was engaged with both eagerly asked me several personal questions. I found that to be very interesting and alarming. Only because this was dialog that would normally be conducted with black male teachers who they interacted with each day.

Rahm, and other hidden hands of power, can you please create incentives to recruit black male teachers, the exact same way the system recruit little white girls to come into mostly black schools to babysit little black children. Remember Teach For America? What about Black Men Teaching America!

I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon yesterday hosted by City Colleges of Chicago and ComEd. I must tell you that I couldn't have been more proud of my relationship with ComEd, like I was during this ceremony. Here is the headline for the luncheon: ComEd & City Colleges Celebrate 10-Year Milestone of Successful Job Creation Program.

The luncheon celebrated 300 black and brown men who graduated from the Dawson Overhead Electrical Line Worker Program (OELW) and who've been hired by ComEd. Some of these graduates are now making between $40 - 55 per hour. This is a game changer. These potential fathers and husbands will now be able to build solid families that helps to create vibrant and progressive communities.

The conversation about the lack of black male teachers in CPS will be ongoing. I've reached out to professionals who can provide relevant data to present respectfully through my Works of Words to protest the school system on their exclusion of black men educators. These are brothers who play a major role in helping to build black boys into black men! These are the things that move me! Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ...

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