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Stay committed "WE are One".

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Dear Members,
Let's start the New Year right by keeping the changes we are delivering for Roseland Heights going and the hope we are bringing for a brighter future for our community. I hope there are none of you who may prefer to return to the failed policies of years gone by of doing a little or nothing and hoping it works. You have proven by attending meetings and with your calls & emails that no attack by any special interest agency can stop us from getting the services we deserve.
Make no mistake about it: city special interests are going after whatever we have to offer. They have opposed the care of our park, enforcement of RHCA rules, and  plans to keep this community safe. They are trying to block financial reform and accountability for how the "city money" is spent in our community. Like the gamblers who nearly wrecked the economy, they have engaged in some of the worst demagoguery and destructive  rhetoric America has seen in decades. If the city is going to spend our tax money and start programs in this community WE SHOULD BE INFORMED! Did any one hear about the new program at Harlen High School? Did you know the Mayor would be here 1/4/10? No one told RHCA either.
Now many are intent on claiming that Americans have abandoned President Obama's call for a new kind of politics after his first year in office.
That's why your participation will be perceived as an important indication of the level of support for President Obama's & RHCA agenda. We cannot let the Republicans or special interest backers claim they are right. RHCA needs your support to stand up against an opponent who has demonstrated almost no limits on what they are willing to do or say to achieve their goals. Thank you and please continue your commitment with your work and membership to RHCA...
 CAPS meetings will start this month Rosehaven Manor, 10220 S. Michigan Ave. 7:00pm (1st Tuesday of each month)  today  Jan. 5, Feb. 2, Mar. 2, and Apr. 6. Pass this on to anyone who wants to come.
Many Thanks
C. Tucker
P.S. We are focused on just one thing: I'm asking you to stand with me and your fellow RHCA members against the radicals who would take control of this community! I urge you to be as generous with your time as you have been. It would be a terrible mistake to underestimate the capabilities of the radical elements calling the shots in our future!  Stay committed "WE are One".


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