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Wyandotte Economic Issues

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There are some serious money concerns that could be affecting Wyandotte citizens in the very near future. I wonder if the citizens really know what is going on and if they are even concerned.

The entire state economy is in some serious trouble and Wyandotte is not in much better shape than any other local community trying to make ends meet. Todays News Herald talks about Riverview considering dumping their fire department services and using Trenton's fire services. On page 8a of that same newspaper is an article about the financial woes that could happen in Wyandotte. The Finance Director is quoted as saying ''the city is on a path for a financial train wreck in the near future'' and the mayor has suggested selling off city operations as a possible solution.

I hope everyone reads this article and considers watching Monday's Council Meeting. It's great to say that we need a fire chief, that we need a city manager, that we need a diverse police force, that we need to chase out the under-performing downtown businesses, and that we need to strictly enforce against business code violations but these needs don't seem to be our highest prioity issues in light of our serious financial concerns.

It might make more sense to be looking at how to save money on the new police court building, how to wisely spend or even conserve the TIFA and DDA funds that are sometimes being spent on such things as trash subsidies. We need good leadership to get us through these tough times and we need to tell them what we think needs to be done.
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Again Richard,

You bring forth issues that are indeed something to be truely concerned about.

You are also correct when you say that the other issues you mentioned are minor conpared to the problems that lay ahead.

Scary! Isn't it?

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Yes, Richard

You are right. Hopefully something can be done about this problem. Maybe we will have to go on a tighter budget.
Will we get any info?

I think that the citizens would need to know where the money is going now, what the money is accomplishing and where could it be redistributed to have a greater good for the community. And I doubt we can get them answers out in the open. Where are the short falls going to occur? why are we having these shotfalls and what are the alternatives, and causes? KT
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