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Neighbors not respecting other neighbors

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My family in I have been in this neighborhood over 4years now. from the time we moved here We had nothing but problems.from are dogs getting shot with bb Guns to are veichles being broke Into.but now it has when to far.on 11/6/2012 I got a notice on my car about it not when I spoke The person that put the notice on my car he told me the this person has call him over 15 times about it So to the person that has nothing more to do but call the city of Oklahoma on me if u would Like to talk to me about why you are doing hateful things to me in my family u know where We stay.other then that next time I want be so nice

I most certainly agreed with you about the neighbors in this neighborhood being hateful! I have lived here since I was 2 years old and we didn't start getting complaints from our hateful neighbors up until I was about 11. Lately tho ever since my stepdad moved in with us we have been getting hate letters from one of our neighbors in the area saying that "we live like slobs" and "our yard looks like a trash dump" every time we clean out our garage. Most of the time our yard is nice and tidy like everyone else's. Plus they're pulling that "we called the city and sent pictures" crap so it's obvious that we live in a neighborhood full of haters and bullies. I would file a complaint on them, thats what I'm about to do with the neighbor that's been harassing us. 

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