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New in the neighborhood need info!

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My family and I will be moving to Robin Meadows on the first week of October, but it need some info about a few things--

Do I have to by trash cans? How big can I get them? Are there any special requirements for them? How many can we have?

Is there security that actully drives around and checks on the neighborhood?

If we need to trim the trees on our property do we let the association know. 



I will probably have more questions as they come up


Hi, I just moved to this neighborhood as well and I must say that it is quite interesting. But yeah you don't need a trash can at all you just leave the trash in your front yard and the trash people will come and pick it up. I prefer to use a trash can because it looks less tacky. For the past two months I have lived in this neighborhood I have not seen one security car at all and they need them considering how these teenagers walk around the neighborhood at all hours of the night up to no good. They constantly sit at the playground in large groups. It's ridiculous! I'm not really sure if they're really any requirements to upkeep the yards in robin meadows considering how some of the yards look around this neighborhood. The neighborhood I live in, one of the neighbors grass is ridiculously high to the point that the grass is past your waste and I'm sure they have had complaints but have yet to cut it and the HOA doesn't really seem to make an effort to do anything about it. Really makes the neighborhood look bad. But other than this the neighborhood is ok, but can be better. Welcome to the neighborhood and congrats on your new home. Enjoy! :)

ive lived here for about 10 years i have never had a trash can we just leave our trash in black bags on the edge of the yard, i believe you can have one and a recycling bin. no no security, cops come around sometimes but thats it and if you own the house you trim them yourself im not sure abut if you rent but i imagine you still do it yourself. 

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