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Save the Beavers!

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Hey neighbors,


I don't know if any of you who jog, walk, or ride your bikes down the Mingo Trail here in the Fulton Neighborhood realize it but we have a family of beavers living on the creek, and the city (I guess) is widing the creek bed currently. I had seen 1 of them last year or the year before and didn't even know what it was until today (5-17-12). 2 days ago, I saw 2 big ones and a bunch of baby ones swimming around near the bridge at 31st street and Mingo here in Tulsa. Anyhow, I am concerned and have tried to call an animal rescue to pick these guys up and relocate them before the tractor and truck smooshes these poor guys. I just wanted to say - save the beavers! I've never seen any in the city limits before 'cept at the zoo.

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