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Quality of Life in Bedford Park

Posted in: Bedford Mosholu
Just last week 6/6/03, I was walking down the street towards my building. I was glad it was the start of the weekend but when I approached my building my spirit dropped. I was surveying a display of what is called LOITERING. This is something that has been happening a little too often around where I live. I remember a time when I was able to walk down the street and it was clean and quiet. Your neighbors took care of what the surrounding area, not because someone forced them to but , just because they wanted to. I am talking 20 years ago. I moved here to this particular building because the area was clean and quiet. Now I feel I want to move again further up (alot further up) When I hear my neigbors complaining about the quality of life in the area I give them the numbers they have to call to try and get some results. I hear from some fear in their voices. Fear is not what I have instead it's anger. That because of a few characters that want to live like low lifes, I have to hide in my apartment. Anyone wanting to see change must make an effort or Bedford Park will become another casualty.

I agree whole heartedly. I am having problems with neighbors and their children who they allow to destroy my property and when you speak to the parents there is always an arguement. We have live here for 40 years. Just as you said we moved in for the clean and quiet atmosphere. Now it is the place from hell. My mom and I are both on a fixed income and moving is not an option, but I think we are going to have to make some sacrifices and look for another place as you stated. I am with you I am ANGRY! We formed an association and that is how we got the drug dealers out of this block in 2006. It is a fight to live and I hate it but if we don't do it who will? KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!

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