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As you all know I am the adminerstrator of this site, I put this site up several years ago when I was on the Board of Directors, This site is FREE and can be upgraded. When I was a Board of Director, Beazer was running the Association (illigal). Beazer turned the Association over to the members in 2008, should have been turned over in 2001. Our Board of Directors in 2008 decided they did not want this site, but wanted one you would have to pay for, without the members voting on this.The Board of Directors are doing as they please at the expense of the members. In fact, the Board of Directors are not to do anything without the members say so with their votes.This site had over 400 hits in March with over 200 in the discussion area. I have seen over 800 hits in a month before. I believe the members of the River Run Association need this site to be run better than I can now. This used to be a 4 star site when I lived in River Run. I no longer live in River Run but still own a house in River Run. I was in River Run in March and was told that there are only two Board of Directors. It takes 5 Board of Directors to do any kind of business. There MUST be a meeting each month for the purpose of electing Board of Directors until 5 are elected by the members. After that if a Board of Director wants out the other Board of Directors can appoint someone for the rest of the term. Members MUST elect 5 Board of Directors each year. A member can serve as a Board of Director as long as they are elected each year.



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