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New G Street Posse Activity

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During the week of 9/28 to 10/3/03, the G Street Posse has taken up a new harassment, criminal, dist of the peace actiity upon the Child family, including the Child family children; two to three juveniles from the Gerdes/Gertner segment now walk past the Child's home and family members yelling obscenities and vugarities of deviate & perverted sexual natures.
(Not Surprising for anyone of the neighborhood who knows the ever expansive Gertner/Gerdes group); and yelling threats to the Child family children as they walk home from school, church, etc., just as gang adult William Dillon does.
Concurrently, Cajon Neighborhood Association ex-Vice President and G Street Posse Ring Leader Richard A. ''Dick'' Lardin has recently been very busy once again running around the neighborhood to his servants Stan Sharp, Penny, Stevie, and Dick Browning, the Gertners and Gerdes, Lints and Henes, again stirring up agitation and colluding further fraud and making sure the gang have all of their false police reports together, to go in for the kill upon the law abiding and decent David and Annmarie Child Family... The ''Posse's'' target and obsession since Septamber, 1997; to retaliate for the Childs properly filing a bona fide complaint to the SBCUSD regarding Jeffrey Weaver's threats of beating to disabled student Colin James Child.
Does anyone think that the SBPD or the SBCoDA will arrest, cite, and prosecute these juvenile and adult thugs for this pathetic harassment and threatening upon the Child family?
Heck no they won't.
What is wrong with this picture????
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