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Thank you Shameful

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On October 1, 2003, Richard A. Lardin (aka ''Dick'') attemped to ram myself in my vehicle with his dodge van.

I was southbound on North G Street, returning home from taking my daughter to school. I saw that Lardin's van was out in his driveway, very near, and pointing outward to, the street. In passing, I saw that he was sitting in it, driver's seat behind the steering wheel, staring at myself. Immediately upon my passing him, he abruptly accelerated out of his driveway and was bearing down recklessly on my tail. As I slowed and began my left turn into my driveway, he jetisonned his van right at my vehicle left side, dangerously close to striking me on my driver's door and side, to the point I had to suddenly slam on my brakes.
he sped off down G St and east bound on 49th St..

With the recent discovery of some type of gun-shot hole through our 2 1/2 and 11 yr. olds bedroom window, it still never fails to shock us (our entire family) and our neighbors how low this San Bernardino City Police Dept. actually is; as we know so well how it constantly protects the highly immoral violent scum such as these of Roger Poyzer's G Street Posse.
Would it matter at all if we attempted to make a PD report of this and have Richard A LArdin Prosecuted?? Don't try to make us laugh.

By Dirty DA & SBPD
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