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What Change?

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Three months ago the new board was voted into office at the annual meeting. All of them were pretty much new faces and this is good. Rob has worked with the board over the past years and is truly concerned with the future of his neighborhood. Ms
Bodily (sorry, I'm not sure how to spell her first name) has also proven to be out for the betterment of her neighborhood.

This past weekend the Santa parade was held. The day following the parade I get a call from a neighbor curious about why the parade did not come down our street. I had no answer.

He stated he went to the pool after the parade was over and took his children's picture with Santa and then spoke to the board president about why the parade missed his street. The response indicated the blame was on me since I backed out as a driver at the ''last minute''. Also, the driver wasn't familiar with the neighborhood and just made a mistake.

I just wanted to state that I did back out of driving about a week and a half before the parade due to work and family commitments. The other regular driver had a family emergency and did have to pull out the day before the event. I know the organizers were having problems finding someone with a truck to pull Santa. (Although the president has a large pickup that could have easily done the job.)
Believe it or not, they could not find any volunteers in the community.

The board needs to understand this is not a volunteering community. Everyone talks about what they want to do, or have done, but no one wants to do it. The board will end up doing most of the work and with little thanks for doing so. It's all part of the job.

I would like to ask the president to leave my name out of his excuses. Quit trying to blame the past board. Quit making the snide comments like you did in your letter to the community. (The one about the park that was ''supposed to be built''.) You will find out how hard it is to facilitate change in this community.

One last thing - I wanted to post this on the community website, but it is down.
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