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It's about time

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I sure looks good!!! Finally the fence is painted and it's starting to look up in our neighborhood.

My drive down Seascape had me wondering if the people accross the way had their sh!t more together thus us. There fence always looks good. ALL their entries are lit and landscaped.
Still the Same

I thought when they fixed the fence they were actually going to ''fix the fence''. All they have done is paint it. The bottom of the fence still needs fixing and the big balloons are still holding back peoples yards at the top of Seascape. $15,000 to paint it and replace a few boards. Did you know they also spent almost $900 just to get the sidewalk on Seascape power-washed, even though the association owns a power washer and could have done it themselves. And what about the other sidewalk on Military? Guess that would be another $900. What happened to all of the volunteers? The whole deal is a bunch of BS.

Now that the fence has been touched by the association - IT IS OURS FOR THE LIFE OF THE COMMUNITY. Another long term expense we didn't need. We're now responsible for paying insurance on the fence, fixing all damages from cars or vandals or idiots, and the sad part is it wasn't even the associations fence. Their own lawyer even told them so. IT BELONGS TO THE OWNER OF THE HOME. If you have a back/side fence that backs up to any association property I think you should make them come in and fix/repair it for you. Look at all the fence around the pool area that touches association grounds. So maybe we should go ahead and put in lights and a watering system and then up our dues by a $100 a year to pay for it all. Don't worry - our dues WILL be going up.

How about all of the dead plants at the pool? Used to be a beautiful entrance, now it is an embarassment. Guess maybe they couldn't afford to turn on the water sooner and maybe have saved the thousands of dollars worth of vegetation.

Same crap - different faces. I think maybe the loud mouthed mustached dwarf that used to be on the board is still trying to run the show. Oh well, what goes around will eventually come back around.

By Not Pleased
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