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It?’s amazing how people can criticize and complain about what the board is doing or not doing and yet they sit on there butts, not getting involved or helping make a difference in our neighborhood. The fence line looks the way it does cause many years have gone by with nothing being done by any of the previous boards. Now that we have a new board in place we want to trash them already and it has not even been 2 months yet. So lets see how many will call the property management office and leave there name and number and will be willing to volunteer there services. This is where you put up or shut up
Fence Line.

I don't live on Military or Seascape. So why do I have to pay my HOA dues to paint a fence I don't use. Have the homeowners who live on the fence line to pay for the repainting of the fence. I use the pool and agree to pay for usage for that area. Where does it say in our bylaws about everyone in the subdivision has to pay to repaint the fence. Does the HOA pay me to repaint my fence at my house. NO. Did the board vote on this issue? Who owns the fence line?
How does the other 640 homeowners feel, minus 98 homes along these two roads, about paying to paint someone elses fence? If a vote has been made on a large issue like this , then (we) the homeowners need to know!!!So I ask again.


So much for the new HOA web site??? We can't even post on the forum side of the site.
So they must have a neutral homeowner in charge of the site? Right? The new board would not be running this site without a neutral person in place? would they???
Plus I notice you put your name at the bottom of your post??? NOT...What's up with that???

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