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Twilight Zone

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I must be living in the Twilight Zone. I just got my newsletter yesterday telling me about the board meeting on Wednesday night, yesterday was Thursday. I've got to be living in a different world cause my week goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. Not Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday.

Seems like the board would send the letters out sooner if they really wanted a little response from the neighborhood. Kind of hard to be at a meeting when you find out about it a day late.

I really liked the first page of the newsletter from our president talking about the importance of dues and paying them on time. He lived here for five years before he realized his dues were important. They only got important to him the day before he got elected which is, from what I hear, the day he paid his since he found out he couldn't run for office if he was delinquent.

If there is going to be a monthly meeting, which is a big mistake, how about trying to let us know about it sooner, or scheduling it for the same day each month.

By Rod Steiger
Newsletter delay

I can tell you for a fact that the newsletters were mailed with plenty of notice time, however, there was a foul up somewhere along the line after they left the committees hands in the postal system, and that's why they arrived late, unfortunately. This board is not like the last board and trying to keep secret meetings, and not receive input from the homeowners of the association. They want and look forward to your input so they can do their job effectively and not have it be their little ''kingdom'' as the last board felt it was, at least for the majority of them. Please keep in mind that well, crap happens and it was not the board's or newsletters committee's fault for the delay in receiving your newsletter. As for the other issue you addressed, I'd advise you to make sure you have all your facts straight before going off half-cocked about things, find out your information first hand, not second hand. Some sources aren't very reliable. I'm assuming your a reasonable person and realize those points anyway.

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