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The board provided us with a website that could only be used by registered users living in Spring Vistas. We were just getting going and folks were going to the site and at least reading what was posted. Now we have nothing.

I was in the process of trying to get a COP program established in the community due to the increase in vandalism and vehicle break-ins. For whatever reason the president of the association decided to delete the forum from the website and, therefore, I have no way to solicit potential COP volunteers using a common medium.

I guess this site is the only way to get information out, if anyone still reads it. At least on this site you can't be deleted for expressing an opinion. Our president needs to get over himself and start answering some questions that have been brought to him by homeowners.

Anyone wishing to assist in the COP program should contact me at It would be in this neighborhood's best interest to get some type of program going to involve the homeowners in the security of our community. If anyone has other suggestions or ideas, please make them known so we can get something going.

If we keep ignoring the issue it is only going to get worse.
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