Slumlord Strikes Again!

Posted in: Beaver Dam WI

I have lived in my apartment for just under 3 years.  The landlord is to pay the water bill for the building quarterly.  With the exception of one billing cycle (because myself and another tenant sent the owner daily emails and calls to remind him to pay it), we have had cut-off notices taped to our doors and when we call the owner to inform him it is always a stream of crap that comes from his mouth (sent the check last week, they must have lost it in the mail, etc).  Today, our water is most likely getting cut-off, because a)the slumlord (there are a lot of other things in this building and on the property which more than qualify him for the title) is ignoring all calls from tenants and the water department and b)the water dept. will not accept non-account holders to make a payment on the account.


If i had the money just sitting around to move, I would the other tenants.  We have been left to fend for ourselves and fix what we can for each other.  The owner has 2 buildings in 2 other counties in foreclosure, and I have a sneaking suspicion this one is next on the list.


Of course, I cannot find anywhere/one to file a complaint with about the water bill issue, everyone sends me to a different department - and I have wasted hours being bounced around because no one knows if/where I need to be bounced to.


I'm sorry, I am just frustrated and upset that this jerk did this again.  He owes me over $5k for work I have done while I have lived here and another $10k for medical bills after I fell due to his negligence and broke my ankle in 2 places.  He didn't have his insurance paid up, go figure.

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