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Bad Tenant

Posted in: Concerned Neighbors United for Better


The year is 2014, to address the "bad tentant". I would like to first mention money is the devil for all of us. If we get attached to someone or get lied to it hurts. As a spirit carma will get back around. It's physics, spiritual physics, Anger has a spiritual physics as well, it makes us sick physicaly , emotionaly, mentaly and not necessarily in that order. In the process of trying to earn a dollar and I already mentioned what it is. We all suffer. I won't get into the symantics of what the systems are doing to us and it's likely you wanted to give someone a chance and had a heart felt trust you wanted recepicated. Where as I am sorry for your loss if there is any labor or effort I could do to ease the pain I would be glad to. I have had many things done to me as well and the older I get the resentments don't go away just because I understand them. I have to rely on a loving creator and get up and go from there. We can't make each other behave and only thought we could. The money and ecconomic society has taken all of us for a ride. It's done to all of us and the person who harmed you is likely sick. The money itself is a lie and the sad part is the renter had no chance to acknowledge you and fear and being beaten down by the devil caused him to leave in a disrespectful manner. I am happy you vented your anger and I hope something I mentioned helped.

I meant the year is 2015, wishful I guess in a way it was 2014


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