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Potential loss of connection to Memorial Park

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A notice of street abandonment sign has recently been installed in the 6200 Block of Coppage Street between northbound Washington and southbound Westcott.

If this is approved Woodcrest's walker, runner, and bicyclist residents will loose a well used direct connection to Memorial Park; in addition to an easy vehicle access to southbound Westcott from the west-central section of the neighborhood.

It is an unwise and ill considered move by the CoH to abandon public rights of way for private commercial gain in such a rapidly densifing urban area; especially when it disrupts the existing street grid, restricts access for residents in a neighborhood without parkspace to a popular outdoor recreation destination, and makes transit use more difficult by eliminating the most direct route to a bus stop.

If this loss is a concern to you, submit comments by calling: 832-395-3118
You may also want to contact District C Councilmember Ellen Cohen's office: districtc@houstontx.gov

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This update on the 6200 block of Coppage street closure request has been provided by staff from Councilmember Cohen's office:

The City’s Real Estate Department is handling this abandoning request. They posted a sign informing the community about the potential abandonment on May 8th. In accordance to their process, the sign must remain up for 30 days.

After 30 days, due to the number of opposition calls, the applicant will be required to host a public meeting with the community advising the community of their plans for the street, answer any questions or concerns, and obtain input presented by the community.

All comments are then forwarded to Public Works and Engineering (PWE) leadership. If then approved by PWE, a recommendation is made from PWE to City Council for approval to abandon the street.

Our Council Office will make sure to notify all the residents that have contacted us about when this public meeting will occur. Also, our office will closely monitor and track the concerns to take them into account for any future action.

As a Woodcrest resident I am very disturbed that the City would even consider closing this street and selling the property to Bubba's. I am confident that bubba's would let us cross their property to get to the park/Camp Logan but what happens when the owner sells?


We all need to oppose this land grab. I've contacted Mr.Aaron Davis and he appears to be nice and sympathetic to our cause.

It would be a real negative for Woodcrest if there were no "break"  in the Washington/Westcott median between Schuler and Prague Streets. This is particularly true since the Prague "break" is obstructed by the Self-Storage company so, effectively there would be no "break" between Schuler and Durford.



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I also am shocked that the city would consider selling this property to Bubba's.  For those traveling east on Washington and trying to enter the Woodcrest neighborhood, Coppage is the safest and most convenient way to enter via McDonald St.


I will write a e-mail to Mr. Aaron Davis (aaron.davis2@houstontx.gov) and Councilmember Cohen (districtc@houstontx.gov) tonight.

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