Codes for our area and Car concerns

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Hello All,


I live on Rockdale in the Fitzgerald group, and I wondered about some of the codes that exist (or don't) that should be enforced to make our neighborhood a better place.  Too often I see dilapidated fences, or badly thrown together fences and dogs being walked off leashes and owners leaving droppings on other peoples yards.  Also dogs barking all night, and motorcycles racing our streets, even inside the actual neighborhood, and cars being idled and worked on around and after midnight, and even people with 6 - 8 cars who park all over and block the UPS and Fire Trucks!I just wondered if we might be a little more active and band together to enforce these codes and keep up the neighborhood, we can increase our own happiness and maybe our property values too. 


Is there anything we can do about these issues as far as calling police or code officers?  Its hard to find a simple list of what codes there are and what can be done about them.  I just figure we pay a mortgage to live in a place and we want to feel safe and happy there, so maybe we need act on the things we often roll our eyes and curse under our breath about. 


Thanks for any input you may have.

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