Red Mill Farms Civic Assn.

Is this a crime?

Posted in: Harmony Woods

When did children enjoying a game of basketball in a cul-de-sac warrant a compliant and call into local police? Is it not refreshing to see kids outside for a change doing something productive and staying out of trouble? I have always been under the impression that our police force should handle emergency and criminal situations, is it a crime now to be a kid having fun? It's my tax dollars being wasted on these petty complaints. I'm concerned for our society; parents with young children beware, someday soon hopscotch could be a felony.

It's certainly not a crime. But depending on the time of day, some people might not enjoy kids outside near their house making a lot of noise. Just remember, just because it doesnt bother you, doesnt mean it doesnt bother other neighbors. No need to be rude when responding. I'm just stating a valid point.

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