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I am by no means the type that believes people should not have dogs but am a firm believer some people are horrible pet owners. I am a home owner and a lifelong resident of Lawndale. Over the past decade my street went from quiet and peaceful to a dog kennel full of noisy neighbors. Dogs and pets in general are not toys or status symbols, they are living creatures with feelings and emotions.



Unfortunately Animal Control seems to do zero in an instance of barking dogs. I know because I spent years trying to get them to do anything about the overwhelming amount of incessantly barking dogs around my home. Its not just me but my grandmother (at her home) and a few other home owners on the street this affects. The Humane Society is like the Better business Bureau and Ill leave it at that.


Taking it into my own hands I first go to the front door of the home with the barking dog, if nobody answers I leave a note about the issue. Massive amounts of police complaints and calls to the Animal Control dept yielded nothing. After literally years of lost sleep and annoyance we discovered that there is a sure fire way to get something done about it courtesy of a friend that is a retired LA County Sheriff, the South Bay Mediator. One call and he professionally and kindly takes action.

His name is Mike Schweid ..310..374..7037..


He is a good guy and also doesnt believe people should have to give up their pet to appease others. Instead he presents options along with an explanation that incessant dog barking is against the law, fines can follow along with loss of the pet. He places blame on nobody but does understand its generally a bad pet owner in question that doesnt comprehend the potential outcome.  The general solution is rather simple, humane, cheap and effective, a citronella collar.


Ive learned most people with these dogs take any complaint no matter how kind you may be as offensive and personally. They have learned to simply block it out and continue to ignore the dog. Mike does his homework which includes getting the offending address, running that through to see if it’s a rental or home owner, if the pet is licensed and if any complaints are on record attached to that pet owner. As you read he will need the house address, type of pet, ask you to keep a log of barking and most of all, patience so he can try and work things out.


The last thing you want is for it to come to court, fines and loss of the pet. Ive yet to have it go further than him but its getting very, very close with the people across the street and some sort of toy dog that’s left outside to bark from dusk till the wee hours of the morning. It just echoes through my home and the neighborhood since they have an alley behind them. Needless to say ill be giving him a call to come out again tomorrow.


Give Mike a ring and have the information handy. Make sure to write a letter to city hall in his favor as well since its a service funded by the city. His job and our sanity depends on it.


Have you asked them for their phone number so you can tell them when their dogs are barking?  They might be receptive to being neighborly and stopping the dogs if they don't realize they are bothering you.  I have a neighbor with barking dogs, but I know that dogs bark, and I can call if they're bothering me.  I know how frustrating bad neighbors can be.  I have one that owns a grading/trucking company, runs it out of his home without licenses, the noise from the machines start early in the morning and on into the evening, all jobs cash only, pays no taxes on those jobs, has toxic substances on the property, poaches constantly... I would really hate to start actions against them, but sometimes you come to the end of your rope, especially if they can't be nice neighbors!

If you asking me about the neighbors dogs, oh yeah they know they bark. One of them has a German Shepard and a narrow small front lawn with a very small picket fence. The owner used to tie the German Shepard up on a rope inchs shy of his snout being able to reach the sidewalk to terrify people as they walked by when the dog ran and snaped at them. People would run into the street thinking they were going to be attacked. After having a police officer witness this the guy almost was arrested as he would laugh and wait for this to hapen. Needless to say he is one of the barking dog people.

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If you cant be responsible for your animal you shouldn't be allowed to have one.

Maintain your dog it's really not that hard

If you keep it outside all day and don't let it inside regardless it's your responsibility it doesn't matter how heartless someone is,

Do you know how frustrating it is to have non stop constant 24/7 barking apparently not

Don't hate on the neighbor for being annoyed, be an adult and take care of what's yours,

and if they call animal control you deserve it I'm not going to write a letter and wait until someone decides to get off there ass and handle it because I'm a pest.

I'll just sue you in claims court.

It's alot easier if you just shut your dog up or don't have one

Plain and simple


Simpson Drive dog

Stfu please

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