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New flight paths?Low flying Jets

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I am new to the neighborhood(Dec. 2006) and brand new to the Neighborhood Association(not yet a member). My fiance and I are totally in love with the neighborhood and moved here in part for its convenient to everything yet tranquil sort of rural feel.

In the past 2-3 weeks we have noticed a greatly increased number of low flying jet planes. These jets are flying directly overhead sometimes within 5 minutes of each other. They all seem to be heading Due West. We are wondering if we've just not noticed it until now or if there is actually more traffic.

Is anyone here noticing more jet airplane traffic? Has there been any recent change in flight paths? Is this something the community is already aware of? Is it going to get worse? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have lived in Nashville nearly four years now. These incidents only started (best my memory serves me) about two years ago. They were few and far between, once every few months or so. In March I moved to a different neighborhood and have started noticing the same thing you have. VERY low flying, very loud, and very often. I know it sounds silly but it sounds like they are going to crash into our house, and it's kind of scary. I haven't heard anything about it, but I wish we were all informed as to what's going on. I live over by the fairgrounds, by the way. Does anyone know if the news has covered anything?




I live in Joelton, and we probably get the worst end of this because our area is considered a "no fly zone" so the jets linger in formation going back and forth until they are ready to head downtown... which is always associated with a Titans game. I have yet to attend one, but it is my understanding that they fly overhead as a part of the game displays. Unsure if it is at kick-off or during halftime though.




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