Quail Valley

Landscaping Policies

May 02, 2000

With the early Spring this year, Cutscape has been hard at work maintaining the grounds and working on some special projects. In anticipation of residents who would like to help beautify the grounds by planting flowers on the common property, we would like to remind you of the landscaping rules and regulations. Please be aware of the following landscaping policies:

Landscaper?’s Responsibility
Our landscaping contractor, Cutscape, is responsible for cutting and edging all grass, pruning shrubs, spraying weeds, disease control, and mulching once a year. In addition, each fall they seed the lawns and clean the gutters. Removal of clippings is generally done with a blower. From time to time, the Association hires them to perform additional services such as removing overgrown shrubs.

The landscapers are not responsible for weeding planting beds or doing any new plantings. While they do a light trash cleanup after each mowing, they are not responsible for large-scale cleaning of the grounds.

Plant at Your Own Risk
You may plant annuals, perennials, and shrubs in existing beds immediately surrounding your unit. Keep in mind that anything you plant outside your unit becomes the property of the Quail Valley Homeowners Association. Also, be aware that if the landscapers need to trim shrubs, they may need to walk through the beds. Cutscape and Quail Valley Homeowners are not responsible for damage to plants that occurs during landscaping activities. The landscapers will make every attempt to avoid crushing plants, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Shrub Height
All shrubs will be trimmed so that they do not cover any windows. Also, they will be trimmed so they do not promote mildew on the siding or on the shrub itself. Quail Valley has the right to remove any plantings that present a maintenance problem.

Use Existing Beds Only
You must use existing beds for plantings or get written approval from the Board to erect new beds. To submit a request to the Board, please contact Hal Kearns. The Board meets once a month to review requests and will respond to you in writing.

If You Plant It, You Must Weed It
We do not have enough money in our budget to pay the landscapers to hand-weed beds. Therefore, if you plant, you are responsible for weeding and for removing dead annuals and perennials at the end of the growing season. Problem areas will be sprayed with weed killer or weed-wacked, and if problems persist, the beds will be removed.

Trees and Large Shrubs
Please contact the Board for permission if you would like to plant trees or larger shrubs on the property. Again, any plantings become the property of the Association. If trees or large shrubs are planted incorrectly (e.g., too close to buildings, power lines, other trees), they will be moved.

Moving Magnolias
The Association just moved several magnolia trees that were planted too close together. We were able to enhance the beauty of Quail Valley by planting the trees in bare areas around the property.

Thank You
Thanks to those of you who are able to help beautify the property by planting. We appreciate your efforts and do not want to discourage you from enjoying your gardens.

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