Video Cameras on Homes

Posted in: US

Question - Is it legal to have a vidoe camera facing other homes on your house?  My neighbor put 4 camera up this weekend...(Weirdo) and one of them is on my house...I dont get it...they think we are up to no good but they truly have to much time on there hands...we are hard working people and are doing nothing wrong...I hate being "watched" and I feel my provacy is being violated.  Please advise.Yell

I dont know if its legal but I agree. It is certainly weird. And I would also be offended. Call the police station and ask them. 

Unless it's being used to record for diviate purposes it's probably not illegal, although I'm not an expert on city ordinances. 

Not to start unnecessary panic but drug houses, particurlarly meth houses, frequently use surveillance systems around their property to warn of people approaching.  Any suspicions of drug activity there??

If that is the case email me at

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