Pit Bull Ban to be repealed? Fight this!!!

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I am buying a house in Denver and I was disturbed by this info.  Any owners of small children or anyone really should be shocked and appalled by this councilwoman.  Here is a letter I sent to the Denver Post.  I would encourage people to get in touch with the City Council and Mayor.


I read today that Councilwoman Carla Madison is working on an ordinance change that would allow pit bull type dogs back in Denver.  I think this represents a serious deficit of common sense and leadership qualities desired in a City Council member.  I enthusiastically submit that there are more pressing issues than legalizing a deadly dog type after a twenty year ban, which includes no serious dog attacks since the ordinance has been put into place! Studies, videos, police reports, newscasts - over and over we are reminded that this breed is an abhorrent addition to any community.  Pit bulls account for over 40% of all fatal dog attacks in the U.S. over the last 26 years.  What is the purpose for any individual to own such a dog? status? protection? illegal dog fighting? guarding a drug cache? A study completed in Ohio in 2006 came to the conclusion that criminals are more likely to own vicious dogs.  The Mayor and City Council are asinine to consider allowing this pit bull/owner element back into the City Limits.







I live in Denver and have been disgusted and embarrassed that we are one of the cities notorious for having a breed-specific ban (ie pit bull ban). Having volunteered in shelters, I have met many pit bulls and in my experience, they are some of the sweetest and most loyal dogs I have ever met. Penalizing a specific breed because a large number of bad owners choose that breed and don't socialize them properly, tie them in the yard for cheap security, and fight them, is not the dog's fault. They are a powerful breed and a status symbol for certain machismo thugs. That is not the dog's fault. Owned by normal, loving dog-parents these dogs are one of the best breeds around, even around children. Even the dog's that were abused and fought at Michael Vick's have been rehabilitated at Best Friend's Animal Rescue (see DogTown show on TV, or go to bestfriends.org and search Vicktory dogs. I am highly against breed-specific legistation and so I am relieved to hear that the ban may soon be lifted. For other info on dog attacks and how unsocialized, and yard-chained up dogs are the problem rather than the breed, see http://www.unchainyourdog.org/Facts.htm. Educate yourself and don't buy into the media hype and misinformation, the dogs are the one's who suffer. Better to have legislation that heavily penalizes irresponsible dog owners.

I read that city journal article and it was extremely biased and based on one man's experience in a crappy neighborhood, not on facts about the breed. Pit bulls are great dogs, and greatly abused dogs.

Doesn't look like dog bites are generally an issue in CO anyway. See http://www.denverpost.com/ci_11796291?source=bb

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