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speeding through the neighborhood

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I live at the bottom of the hill of Gazelle Range and Gemsbuck Hill and am constantly seeing vehicles speeding around the turn going either up or down the hill. I'm not sure wether the vehicles belong in the neighborhood or just people visiting. I have called SAPD out two times, the second time i was referred to our negihborhood substation. I will be calling within the next few days to see exactly what can be done, obviously if they send out a marked car then the speeding will stop so i did request, to the officer that came out the second time, unmarked surveillience vehicles so they can see for themselves what is happening. I also requested that a video camera and radar gun be installed in my front yard, don't think that's going to happen. Anyway, I, my immediate neighbors, and my neighbors down the street all have kids that like to ride their bikes in the street but it has gotten to the point where i don't let my kids go to far because of the speeding cars. I welcome any additional comments or suggestions that any of you might have....

The best thing to do is contact the neighborhood substation and explain the problem.  I contacted them about the speeding traffic in route to the elementary school by parents dropping off or picking up.  They did have a car placed near the school to observe.  I don't know if the principal made an announcement to the parents, but the speeding has decreased from what I have observed.

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