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This is a great neighborhood and many of us take pride in our homes. Yet, what I've witnessed lately is very disturbing. Why are trash cans being left in front of houses? Why are our neighbors b-b-queing in their front yard? And since when did our street corners turn into a late night teen hangout? Why aren't people parking in their driveway? Exactly when is our HOA going to take action to ensure the quality of our neigborhood doesn't disappear?
Replying to your post

First off, I wish to thank you for your post. As communications committee chair, it is my obligation to read through your posts and communicated it to the powers to be.

I need your help however. I will come out and stand right by you and say that I agree with your point of view regarding our neighborhood. I see these things and others as well. The problem I have is that I can't stand by you because I do not know who you are. I need something I can sink my teeth into here. You are valid homeowner. Your opinion counts. Identify yourself and lets start asking the tough questions together. We are all here to accomplish the same thing, which is to keep our neighborhood nice.

Better yet,forget about identifying yourself here. Join up with the Landscaping Committee or the Covenants Committee. Help us with the enforcement of the beautification of our neighborhoods. As you pointed out, we can use the help!


Denis Verdecia
Communications Committee Chair
Respect Your Neighborhood

Mr Verdecia,

I purposely left out my name to ensure there would be no retaliation for my statement. As mentioned on our HOA website it is 'optional'. Secondly, I do not have the time needed/required to join a committee and lastly we are paying annual dues to a management company that by contract should be driving around our neighborhood on a weekly basis looking for infractions (such as the ones mentioned on our e-forum).

I appreciate your reponse (thank you), but I would be even more impressed when our HOA mgt company starts doing their job.

Just moved into the area... I know that we are not supposed to post any ''commercial advertisements'' here. But, does anybody have any good landscapers in the area they can recommend?? Thanks for your help.
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