Mayoral Election

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Hi Tho, so what is your take on the up-coming election; do you care to divulge if you are backing someone? I was looking forward to Bill O'Neil's (?sp.}
views and am sorry he dropped out. If we are lucky we will see what substance these candidates bring to the floor prior to the election.
here's what i think.............

i think you should visit the only
legitimate in town chat site
seriously,he's what i see happening:
1.Joe Sullivan wins in a landslide.
2.present BOS run & win council seats
hoping to get their chance at the big chair later,as if the townies would ever be brain dead enough to dis him.
3.the patronage continues unabated
and sometime ahead in the future
our teachers will pull the same stunt
that happen this past week in Quincy.
i like Joe but I'm not convinced he will persuade anyone to forgo a raise
or except a tax increase for the good
of smartbush.there are too many skeptical seniors on limited income
that refuse to budge on that subject.
unless he can be creative and decisive
with a co operative council in sync with the best interest's of townie-town,it will be same ole,same ole.
its good to hear again from one of the originals.visit the site-we need your insight.bring back the old folks-its
time.we need the talent.old yelnam is pretty much the only voice active.
c'mon back!

By townie home owner
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