Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Posted in: Millis
Hey Mr Moderator lolololol
Isnt it great.. Free Speech..
You know nothing about it.Everyone here has your number just like ''YOUR'' site.lol (not for long either way)
I have to thank you though, my 9 year old didnt like history till I showed her your handy work.Sensorship,Hitler did it,Stalin,the list goes on. She didnt think people in this country would stoop that low.. THanks.And the stalking everytime I posted anywhere you were on me like a sick poodle, why?
She will probabley become a lawyer just because of your selfishness and lack of good judgment.
I couldnt believe it when I saw it you erased my post, Im so glad people here at this site are on the ball.
The only thing that would make this better is if brie was here to laugh at you..
Please Im still waiting for that SMOOCH sound when your lips are removed from Rufies BUTT.Have you noticed hes the only one who talks to you??Are you sure your not him???
lolololololololololol at you.

By Candygirl
blah blah blah blah blah blah bl

kinda sux being you,huh?so you live in millis and this has to do with that towns business?time to move on. loser

By one that knows the truth
Thos Tantrum

All your old aliases are making a come back huh THo?? You remembered how easy it was didnt ya.
Actually its great being me,Ill bet my HUSBAND brie is loving it more,''One who knows'' lololol can you feel the walls moving closer.Hows it feel knowing all those people are laughing at you.
''Anyway PLEASE be nice Lets try not to turn this into your site''.
Go back to your site and complain about Town Meeting or something else you know absolutely nothing about.
I bet it REALLY sux being you nowadays HUH??lolololol Go close that site like the big baby you are.lololol
Stop starting trouble here PLEASE. I bet Jan R is regreting ever letting you loose.
I almost forgot hows that Bite on your Arse healing??lol

By Candygirl
thats quite the strategy

using a nine year old to prove your point.is that some type of abuse?
its definally questionable parenting.
my children know how pathetic people like you are without reading a post.

By one who knows the truth
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