well you know,exiled ones

Posted in: Millis

Nov 25, 2005
i could post the real truth for those who care.why don't you stay here instead and cool your heels.those not good enough have to settle for taking over millis talk about it cause they don't posses the gut to start their own site.now who's the coward,hm?

did you tell them why you are

here and not there,fraud?don't possess the gut do you? attention: Thomas is and was a fraud!he joined multiple times and argued ceaselessly about minutia.when he would not relent,well he was sent here.oh he joined frank report also but isn't sophiticated enough to figure out bill's forum.that's why he posts here and sits there silently.
hoping someone will explain it to him.
why not ask megi? he gets it so well he is one of its only posters.


My little kingdom ,My petty fear

as it turns out charitydogood and thomas were one and the same. as the
saying goes '' i didn't see that coming ''
as a result they are no longer welcome here. anyone that is a member
remains that way.free speech exists here but i will not tolerate frauds
that use multiple names,join the group pretending to be someone visitng
for the first time that finally wind up spew the same nonsense.that
happened all to frequently way back when and no good came from it. if
thats too much to ask sorry guys.why go to all the trouble to
perpetuate an ongoing arguement with me or anyone else?it seems both
pointless and juvenile.these are opinions only.
please, by all means disagree,but if you must refrain from that kind of
charade.it would be sad if it was discovered
later that of the remaining members here more than a few
wound up using multiple aliases.to gain what? i dunno,
this is dumb stuff. time to move along here.

By Oh my God How can this be ?

Nov 26, 1:04 pm show options

Here is another of Tho's fan club
members in good standing about to be exiled by his/her majesty ''THO I ''

From: ''Candygirl'' to THO I - Find messages by this author
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 10:04:05 -0800
Local: Sat, Nov 26 2005 1:04 pm
Subject: Re: i urge all remaining members
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Hey I tried being nice,Your not going to suck me into another
stupid back and forth with you.
Thanks for printing my posts,you left out the one where you threaten
to erase them .(sensorship) How many times did I ask you to leave me
alone and move on???In someplaces they call that stalking.Too bad you
didnt copy your posts.More sensorship I guess.
Better to let this forum end then have to listen to you, the butt
kissing of Rufie
is reaching sickening levels, wasnt he and brie a couple of elitists a
while back???.
Me and my HUSBAND lolololol (nice try, youll never learn)
will be waiting for the big SMOOCH sound when your lips part from
Rufies butt.
Heres hoping you do the right thing.(But knowing better)

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