its awful quiet over here

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much time has past since a reply about the mighty city/town village named
smart bush that suffers from
collective government squash rot
has been posted here or at any other site.the whole town has gone quiet.if paving middle union pond streets was all that was bothering folks in braintree maybe the town engineer mr. campbell should run for comes word that
i told ya so Joe Powers,that life long
townie standby, is making a move towards the office those folks from the mayoral
committee says we need running the 'bush.shows what they know.don't they understand that by plagiarizing weymouth's (native american name: wessagusett) charter makes them seem
a little less 'wicked smart'? we all wait in a vaccuum while the smart intellect of our borg collective work out the town/city/village government
day to day give away.yup,that mayor
is going to be A # 1 ( LIKE THE DUKE)
not allowing nepotism and imcompetence
to reign supreme in every town department.then he will fix every road,balance every budget,buy every book
and make us all feel important and proud to be from the'bush.naw,only God could accomplish that;there isn't a human breathing,never mind in this sad pathetic little burg capable of pulling that off.that's not God's fault,so remember not to blame hi,okay?

By townie home owner

Was something wrong with the way I posted on your site or did you censor my posts again.
I hope for your sake your not starting this again.

Awaiting your response
Bries Daddy

By bries daddy
your answer

was explained at the other site.
nothing done by me.

By townie home owner
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