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Hi Bill O'Neill, you are doing a great job keeping us informed, thank you. I wrote your name in for a seat on the BOS and would like to endorse you for Mayor. What is disturbing about a few currently in office is their recurring message that the citizens of our hamlet know not what they want nor what they are voting on, we do not understand issues nor do we know what is best for us. Why are these supurbly intellectual beings slumming with us illiterates? We are in dire need of someone to save us from these egotistical zealots. Remember that 'out-of-the-box' Charter Commission, well here we go again! When will we ever learn?

By me
Popular Vote

What elected official was ever seated with other than a 'popular vote'? Why do we want an elected official? Because only an elected official answers directly to the electorate-us. How can Mr. O'Neill get anything through a 'stacked' Town Meeting? He is the voice of the people in direct opposition to the majority of special interests permeating our governing bodies' membership; however, he represents the interests of all tax payers. Blunt? I'll take blunt over gilded double talk. We have Mr. Hubbard, a grand speaker, coats his words with sugar, yet the message is the same: the masses know not what they do. We have Mr. Grove, a dapper gentleman, stands by his convictions, his message: the masses know not what they want. We have Mr. Kokorus, keeps us in the dark and pushes his itinerary through, his message: the people know not what is good for them. And what of our newest, Mr. Powers, a most likable young man, and I do so like him; YET, when interviewed after his victory he stated, and I paraphrase: the people have spoken (re:override), I think we have to educate them to the facts of our budgetary shortfalls. With words as smooth as silk he told us ''we know not what we do.'' Well maybe the blunt word speak of Mr. O'Neill can enlighten these gentlemen to the fact that indeed we do know what we do, we know what we want, and we are tired of their posturing. Their posturing is killing our town. What is not understandable about a citizenry screaming for accountability and fiscal responsibility? I know they are all smart enough to Get It, but I have doubts that they are honorable enough to carry it off. Yes, Bill O'Neill with possibly Mr. Powers as his Chief of Staff and Mr. Kensherf as his Chief Financial Officer--good team me thinks. I wish I knew THO better for me thinks he would fit into the new regime nicely, but to date I know not in what capacity.

By me
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