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The Podickory Point Community Association Board is currently making efforts to transition the regular monthly BoD meetings into a schedule that can be advance posted on the community calendar. The Maryland Homeowners Association Law which governs our type of community association, specifies that Board meetings must be Open Meetings and allow opportunity for members of the community association to attend, so they may observe or audit such proceedings. If previously arranged, any member of the community may attend and speak on a scheduled Board Agenda topic at the BoD meeting. Their comments will be recognized by the Board, if it is on the Agenda. This is not intended as a free-for-all and disrupt Board meetings, or produce Board Meeting marathons.(LOL)

All other comment and opportunities to voice concerns or bring issues to the Board's attention are afforded community members at regular Community Meetings throughout the year or, as always, more immediate neighborhood concerns can be sent via email and other written communications to the Board. These issues or concerns can be set for discussion as future Board agenda topics.

If you have any comments, please post them here.
Who R U?

Posting comments anonymously doesn't help build community. May I suggest we try to limit the use of ''anonymous'' onour community page?

By Chary Izquierdo
Anonymous postings are OK

Chary: Comments are well taken! Your posting is appreciated.

Anonymity allows this Forum to be a unique place where members can feel reasonably safe to say what's on their minds in raising neighborhood issues, or voicing their opinion on topics that concern them no matter how radically different their ideas may be, without placing their privacy or themselves at risk. Many people will not participate due to their concern for their privacy, especially online.

The PPCA Web site coordinator can delete any discussion thread or posting that violates our ?“Terms of Use?” policy. (Neighborhood Link also has a profanity filter in this and all public areas of the Web site.) So, wise guys won?’t get far here.
''dem's da breaks!!!?”

But, anonymous postings are OK in this forum.

Best regards,
Web Site Coordinator (WSC)

By Web Site Coordinator
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