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Enforcing CC&R

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Isn't it against the CC&R to work on cars in the garage area? And what about the quiet time guidelines of 10pm for being quiet in our neighborhood?
I'm getting tired of my neighbors working on their cars at all hours, gunning their engines etc. This used to be a quiet area. Not much anymore.
Any suggestions. I intend to call EAS this week and see what they say.

It is against the CC&Rs.  And yes there is a quiet time also.  Call EAS they are very helpful in assuring the rules are maintained, and will take appropriate action if necessary.  The first step is typically a warning letter and goes on up from there.  While on the phone, request a copy of the HOAs be sent to your residence (May not be free) so you can read through it and know all the rules.  You should have received a copy of the HOAs upon close of escrow.  If you are a renter, tell your landlord because he/she will need to take the steps for you.

shouldn't it be againest the cc&r rules to leave cars in the driveway that are not working.  It brings our home values down.  shouldn't we be responsible to mow our yards.  we live in a very desirable neighbor hood and the there are a few, that think that they can bring our homes down to lower level homes.  what can a home owner do if someone is not taking care of their homes.


unhappy in vineyard estates


Hello Neighbors,


Do you know where I can get a copy of the CC&R's?  


Unhappy neighbor too!



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