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Lost Cat - Calico - Female

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Here is my personal email if you would like to send a picture :)



Thanks again :)


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Hi Erin,

      I see that you lost a calico a few years ago...   I have found a petite calico approx 5-6 lbs  which I know is not your kitty but is very similar- approx 10 weeks old. I am in Leesburg area.  She needs a home fast as I have been trying to locate owner but unsucessful. I have 2 other siamese and they do not get along at all.

So unfortunaetly I must take her to a shelter in hopes they will be able to place her in a forever home,.

 Go get her if you want another kitty- ironic as I started to call her Miss Piggy -  she gobbles up food fast even after 4 days of being in my home.


cute but fiesty...

I think just scared and young.    if you want her today 4-16-2012

This past Monday I found a lost calico female, looking to be about 7-8 months old (although a petite cat could be mistaken for a younger one), in the parking lot of the Khol's in Sterling off of route 7, she felt to be the weight you posted as well. Very friendly, spunky, and a bit too fearless for her own good, she went right up face to face with my dad's staff. terrier right upon seeing her as he was visiting at the time. She is currently on the bottom level of my house in manassas, with food, water, and a litterbox in that bedroom. I have a 20lb half maine coon male who doesn't care for the company, so I have kept them seperate. She is healthy, no signs of injury, just was very hungry. Anyways I hope this is yours, and that she may be returned to you, I would not want for you to be without such a wonderful companion as you described. Contact me at 607-435-4033 or



Hi Erin,  I really hope you found your Calico.  If you did not and would like to help out my elderly mother and her husband, both are very ill.  Mom has cancer and Stepfather who cares for her has CHF bad.  They live in Glouster, Va.  She was rescued by them but have 4 other animals all ready.  Arangements could be made if interested.  Obviously you love cats.  That is what we are looking for! Not to say you would want to replace yours, you couldn't.  nyway, this is a long shot.  Please feel free to call me:

Shots, spayed. litter box tained.  Loving and sweet! If you would like a pic I need to email.  I can't get it to go in here!








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