Arrowsmith Court parking

Posted in: Seneca Whetstone

Does anybody know what the law is regarding commercial vehicles and trailers parking on Arrowsmith?  The scrap metal guy and another business that transports cars have adopted that road as their parking lot.

Arrowsmith Court, like all of the streets in our neighborhood, are county roads, as opposed to privately owned roads, and therefore not directly under the jurisdiction of the Association. That being said, the county does have parking codes which potentially apply in this situation, some of which are tied to the specific manner in which the adjacent property is zoned (e.g. It would be illegal for the gentleman with the car carrier to park it in front of any member's home.) and the Board is attempting to look into this matter.


For what it's worth... While the gentleman with the scrap metal vehicle does have a business located in the adjacent small industrial park, so could potentially argue that he is parking "in front of " his business, the gentleman with the vehicle carrier does not, as he runs his business out of a townhouse located in a nearby neighborhood, so appears to using Arrowsmith Court as a parking space simply because it is a) convenient and b) free.

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