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Shrimp truck rip-off

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Mardi Gras day, I was working in the yard when I noticed a white truck with ''Sterling Pest Control'' sign on the doors stop by my neighbors, and then stopped by me to ask if I was interested in buying some shrimp at a bargin. I said yes. He said if I bought the whole ice chest he would give me a good price at $4.00 a pound. To make a long story short he was a good talker, and although I felt I was getting ripped off, I let him sell me what he said was 50 pounds. Whilest he was ''weighing'' out all this, another neighbor went by and he stated that he had sold her some also. After he quickly left and after I wrote him a check for $200.00, feeing that I had been ripped, I weighed the shrimp on a kithen scale and came up with a conservative 20 pounds of shrimp. I immediately contacted my bank which charged me $28.00 for a stop payment on the check. I called the police to report this and the policeman told me to enjoy the shrimp, and that I had done well in the stop payment. He said the law in Louisiana is that you cannot sell seafood unless you have a permanent location with a permanent roof and that persons such as these generally ''tug'' on the scale whilest pretending to keep it stable (which in hind site is what this guy probably did). I called my neighbor whom he stated that he had sold some to and she said that she and her husband had felt ripped off also. The moral to this story is that if you feel like you might be getting ripped off, then you probably are. Since I haven't heard any rebuttal to the ''stop payment'' on the check, then I can only assume that this guy knows that I caught him. The good news is that I got 20 pounds of shrimp(really nice shrimp)for $28.00.

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Be Wary of People Selling Seafoo

Thanks for the info. We see people occasionally coming into the subdivision selling shrimp, stuffed crabs, fish, etc. Please be very wary of any such activity. Obviously, many of these people come here to rip us off. If you see someone coming to sell you something that you haven't asked for or ordered, consider calling the Park Timbers Security (501-0865). Sorry for the problems you experienced.
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