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Isabelle Filliozat, a french leader of parenting is having a conference on April 25th at DIS (Dallas International School). 


Here is her program:

-How your child’s brain works and how it processes your “orders”
-How to help them to learn to listen and how to resolve problematic situations… without threatening, punishing or grounding.
-The importance of thoroughly fulfilling your child’s “emotional reservoir”
-How to handle your child’s emotional outbursts
-How to help your child to remain authentic to himself/herself when faced with your own emotions
-What to do when parents have different parenting styles
-Why clear instructions and routines are essential
-Why rules and routines are essentials
-Why us parents over react when faced with crises, tantrums and conflicts
-The damages caused by a lack of an attachment bond during childhood


-How to help your child acknowledge, feel, and express his/her emotions
-The impact of child nutrition – such as sweets and food additives
She is a French psychotherapist specialised in emotionsla intelligence. She has written over 16 books and has been treating individuals and groups for more than 30 years.
SHe has a training center in France where she helps people to cultivate and transmit thir emotional and relational intelligences to allow happiness while living and working together.
She also trains psychotherapists and parenting coaches and puts on workshops for parents themselves.


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