Treasurer’s Report

Jul 09, 2004

June is Membership Renewal Month
What a great year 2003 turned out to be. Great strides in
the neighborhood were taken through the emergence of the
Prairie Hills Neighborhood Watch Program along our
north boundaries. We put in place new methodologies to
recruit new members, volunteers and to budget the
associations resources.
One of our new methods was to change the membership
renewal to the same month for everyone. June is
Membership renewal month. Members prefer a set
renewal schedule, and I have easier and more accurate
tracking and controlling of the dues collected.
Membership dues are still the primary means of money for
the association, although the recent volunteer to join the
Executive Committee is showing that he, too, is making a
difference. Jay Schmidt has already begun recruiting
business support as the association?’s Business Liaison.
Each June, we offer an incentive to attract new members.
Simply return the membership form and a check in the
amount of $8.00 before June 30th. That?’s a $4.00 savings.
Landlords can be sure their tenants are staying in touch by
sending in membership dues on their behalf: all we need is
a mailing address and a donation of $5.00 per unit. Our goal is to be able to provide all residents of the association with
a newsletter each time a newsletter is printed. With the current restriction on the budget, we are only able to provide all residents with a newsletter each June, with the other 3 issues
being mailed to only members with dues paid.
As of June 2004 the Prairie Hills Account has $727.23. This is only enough to cover the June issue and one more. Please consider joining, or renewing your membership. With your
support we will continue to ?“Make a Difference?”.
John Reams - Treasurer

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