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I checked out the site.  I came away wondering why a person would work so hard to harm our community.  Some of the facts are thought provoking, some are skewed, and some are wrong.   Most glaring is the fact that the information presented only shows one side of the equation.  Why not mention that we pay less per pupil than comparable school districts, why not mention the $7 million in cuts that have already been made, why not talk more about state funding.  I suspect these ommissions are made to further the writers own personal agenda.


After a little research I learned that this site was started by people that are relatively new to the community, do not have children in the schools and own expensive homes and property.  Perhaps property and nice homes are enough for them.  But what about the rest of us that have kids that actually attend our wonderful schools?  I wish the schools meant as much to them as their property and homes.  


We have two children in the district and another one who will start next year.  In the 9 combined years that our children have attended PLSD we have encountered nothing less than excellence.  Excellent teachers, administrators, educational programs.... I could go on and on.  Have the owner and main supporters of this site experienced this first hand?  Do they realize what a 9 million dollar budget cut will do to our excellence?  Perhaps excellance is too much for them... perhaps substandard schools are good enough?


Also, why create a website that you aren't proud enough to put your name on?  I know who you are...  why not share your name proudly?


As a person who has young kids in this district, I am very concerned about the future of our community and schools.  This is a renewal levy that needs to be passed.  I agree that there are areas where we need to make cuts.  I'm just not sure about the necessity of an all out ANONYMOUS attack on our community and school district

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