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Barbara Burns-Matthews

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Liberal Democrat

I did a goggle search also. I read the two letters posted above and I am even more concerned about the future of Pickerington if this Barbara Burns-Matthews is hired. When she was dealing with a police department employee she ignored the very rules she had helped establish. She apparently did this on her own without the City Attorney signing off on the reprimand. In the end she had to retain her own attorney to straighten out the mess she had created for herself.

Then during her tenure as the Manchester Missouri City Administrator she allowed a Planned Parent Hood clinic to locate in Manchester. Obviously this clinic is a legal operation but it does carry a lot of controversy with allowing an abortion clinic to locate in your city. At the very least it is a moral outrage to many of us.

When the protests did come she hid behind the zoning laws saying that this clinic was a permitted use under Manchester?’s zoning laws.

Haven?’t we all had enough of this type of political manager that circumvents the law and rules when they disagree and hide behind the rules when they agree? Is this the apolitical and ethical City Manager that David Shaver seeks?

If our Mayor has a brain fart and hires this Burns-Matthew then I will start the protests the next day. I have been opposed to abortion for a very long time. Despite the fact that the US Supreme court says it is legal it is a moral outrage for me and many others.

I can?’t seem to understand how The Liberal Democrats can support abortion and then oppose the Death Penalty. It takes 20 years sometimes to prove the guilt of an adult killer prior to his execution. Yet a mother can make the life and death decision of an obviously innocent child still in the womb with only giving permission to her doctor and someone at the Planned Parenthood Clinic. That includes minor girls without their parents consent.

For those that may think an unborn child is only a tissue mass then please take a look at a five month old baby in its mother?’s womb with an ultrasound scan. When my wife was pregnant with our son at five months he was able to face the scanner and you could see that he look very much like his sister. I can?’t see how anyone could ever deny this to be a human being and my son at the time could have been aborted legally. As it was he was born two months premature and our medical staff at children?’s hospital had him in intensive care for over a month.

What is wrong with our society? How can we spend tens of thousands of dollars to save a child and it is the doctor?’s duty at that point yet two months earlier he could have aborted him legally.

He is a very healthy 6 year old now and I am very glad we never considered an abortion. I think all mothers need to see THEIR child prior to killing them before proceeding with that abortion. At least give the baby a chance to plead for its life.

Barbara Burns-Matthews is a Liberal Democrat. This town is too conservative to put up with another liberal democrat.

One inconsistency

In general I'm pro-life too so I don't want to ''dis'' your comments, but the anti-growth rhetoric many of your crowd espouses comes so close to being anti-child (as in checking on condos to see if kids live in them, and in general not wanting more kids around here) that I am a little surprised by your post.

One other thing, the federal courts would have probablt ordered that clinic be allowed to set up and probably awarded damages against this City if it hadn't, assuming that the facilty otherwise met building and zoning codes, which most medical offices do in a commercial district. It is not necessarily correct to blame it on this candidate. Let's be careful what we say about people on here.
Anti-Child ??

I've got to tell you if you think that anti-growth is anti-child you have yet to set foot into one of our elementary schools.

I think most posters here support managed or controlled growth.

We want as many kids as we can afford to educate in classrooms inside buildings. Is it Anti-child to not want split sessions or should we just pile them in until the seams burst?

What I find most interesting is that most public facilities have capacities attached to them. If you go to a restaurant you wait for a table. If you are at a party in a party house it will have a capacity for the number of people that can be in the room. Bars have limits to the number of people they can safely hold. Movie theaters regularly ''sell out''. When we exceed capacity people wait & they expect to wait. But when it comes to public schools we can make all kinds of compromises. Who cares if they have gym in their classrooms? And it's also fine to give a first grader 15 minutes to eat lunch, if they get that much time. Who cares that 3rd and 4th graders go outside & back into a building to go the bathroom or for art, music, library - they really didn't need those coats anyway.

I actually think that pro-growth is just what you've described. It continues to deteriorate the enviroment that we educate our children in. There are over 700 elementary school kids in trailers - we need one of those new schools just to put existing kids inside a building - thanks to all the ''progress'' we've made the past few years.

Stop by a school and take a tour then let them know where the next wave of kids should sit. You sound like you've got all the answers.

By Pickerington Parent
Fight to the end

I see you moved up that page some. You now claim that the anti-growth are anti-children. I know it would make it easier for you to restate our position so that you have an argument that makes sense. However the PATA people are not anti-growth. We are slow and controlled growth people for the most part.

I am glad you have your law degree and have made a Supreme Court Judgment that an abortion clinic would be allowed anywhere they please. First if the majority of our citizens oppose an abortion clinic then it is the duty of those that represent the citizens to fight against such clinics even if that fight goes to court.

This isn?’t a regular medical clinic as you may claim. They are taking lives every day they operate. I don?’t think you will find the average health clinic destroying lives but they are treating patience to help them live longer.

I have seen protesters picket the Dairy Mart at the four way stop because they sold playboy magazines and others material considered pornography. Would you also deny us our right to protest a abortion clinic?? One of the ideals that Bob Harding did talk about was free speech. It appears you have problems with our free speech.

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