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Why vote for Jeff Fix?

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Last week, I received my absentee ballot. The very next day comes these two mailers, one from Jeff Fix and the other from Gavin Blair. They are different colors but both are using Bob Blair as their treasurer. Apparently good old Jeffy is taking another one under his wing and if he wins Gavin will be in his back pocket.

Tony Barletta knocked on my door and told me where he stands on the issues.

Guess who made the best impression?

I found a post card in the street from Hammond.

I have seen a number of pieces of literature from Sabatino.

Nothing from Nikki Smith.

Now back to Jeff Fix. On the front of the Fix mailer is the $64 thousand question:


I have been thinking about that question for over a week now. I have NOT come up with one good reason. Apparently he figures his literature will convince me and others to do so.

He says we have a nearly $50 million in debt.

The Pickerington 2009 budget says we will have $37,100,397.87 in total debt by December 31, 2009.

Is Fix mis-informed or is he lying?

He says he will lead efforts for a more expanded, diverse tax base.

I am not sure what he is proposing but in the past he has wanted to give away half of the city?’s income tax to the township and others. He also had brain snappers like red light cameras and inspection fees. I fear what else he may have up his sleeve.

He says he will, ?“continue to lead the budgeting and debt reduction.?”

When Fix took office in 2006 the debt for the city was around $25,000,000 and as we see above it is now $37,000,000. GREAT JOB FIX!! At least Fix is taking the blame for his failures.

He says ?“we pay a higher proportion that other citizens in Ohio?“. He blames that on lack of commercial property.

Residential is not the whole cause of high property taxes for schools. Clearly when growth overwhelms the building of new schools, the property taxes tend to go upward. Simply developing more commercial doesn?’t nece

necessarily improve the tax rate. Many communities that have held the rate of growth down to less than 2% per year have lower rates than Pickerington Local schools. It is amazing that the PLSD has survived over the years with a 5+ % increase yearly for over a decade or two. Fix has never understood the theory and the implementation of property as far back as I can remember. That is pointed out clearly in his 2001 PATA newsletter. Despite his total butchering of the 10 mil inside milage issue he never issued an apology or correction in his newsletter.

Maybe this is a good time for Fix to retire. He has a large ego and I would not expect him to do it voluntarily. Maybe the voters will see through his incompetence and make him the lowest vote getter. The council must get on with the work of the community and I think it would function much better without Fix.

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