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Open Enrollment

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It seems Lori Sanders and the AD @ Pick North are trying to get the open enrollment stopped. Why ??..... could it be the defections of the football players to central ?? The way to stop that is get start winning .....

By 1wild1
North football

North football stinks to be sure but how can they build a winning tradition if all the talent (and the not so talented) is allowed to simply go across town to Central? In some ways I feel bad for any coach at North. An open enrollment makes the battle of getting established even tougher.

This is a tough topic with lots of sides to be explored but I think that the obivious answer is that kids need to attend the high school where they live. If they want to attend Central, the parents should move into that area.

By #1 Tiger fan
is it legal?

I agree with you completely, but can they legally prohibit a transfer if there is space available?

I know that they instituted the ''Boren Rule'' where you can transfer once without penalty, but not flip flopping depending upon the season. Zach is an awesome baseball player and North's program is much much stronger thatn Central's. Daddy wanted him to play football for Central and baseball for North. If Zach transferred back to North for baseball the first year, he would have had to sit out all sports for one year.

Letting Zach transfer mid season last year was the wrong thing to do. Central's coach should have not played him at all. He took someone else's place that had suffered the Central summer practices and paid their dues. Shame on Central's coach for that -- is winning the only thing that counts?

from what heard last night this is a dead subject with the school board...... there were 4 students transfer from central to north and 4 students transfer from north to central this year ....... also heard that there is one school board member that is strongly against and one strongly for it .... you know it's funny that all the talk is about the kids that transfer from north to central an play football ... but nothing is ever said about the player or players that transfer from central to north ..... one comes to mind 2-3 years ago... well he should have stayed at central .... that year central won the occ and went to the playoffs .........
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